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The APSC Scholarship Fund provides essential financial resources and support to incredible students in Snohomish County.

Are you a resident of, or do you currently study in Snohomish County? Have you been impacted by HIV/AIDS, and/or are you pursuing an HIV/AIDS related profession? If that sounds like you, you are likely eligible for an APSC Scholarship!

Every year, one student is awarded $2,500 toward their post-secondary education at any accredited program—anything from technical schools, to 2-year colleges, to graduate programs.

The APSC Scholarship Fund operates as a fund at Pride Foundation, who provides more than half a million dollars each year to LGBTQ+ and allied student leaders. That means students who apply for an APSC Scholarship through Pride Foundation’s Scholarship Application are automatically eligible to receive funds from Pride Foundation as well.

Please visit Pride Foundation’s website to learn more about the annual timing and scholarship guidelines—and we can’t wait to read your applications!

Thank you for supporting me in my education…having support from the community in which I’m working and now living means a great deal to me.

2018 APSC Scholarship Recipient